Wont You Take Me Down to Strawberry Fields

Hey everyone ... yeas i know everyone has been buggin me bout updating well here ya go haha This is gonna be like my first post in the whole year... sorry i have been neglecting my blog... been an extremly lazy Monkey... well anyways im bloggin now.

Been listening to The Beatles Like loads which is the explanation for the Title ..... anyways these guys are freaking geniuses, beautiful lyrics and addictive melodies and just pure awesomeness .

In other news, What have i been up to in these past few months? Well for starters i haven't started my Music Course at ICOM yet and as many of you know... im only starting next year its a real long story why but if u wanna noe u can me ask me no problem.... but dont be so quick to say im shaking legs at home (although i am shaking my legs now while typing haha) so if im not shaking legs then what am i doing? Well i have been taking private music lessons on guitar, drums and music theory... my guitar teacher is stuffs me with butt loads of Jazz and Blues stuff haha... and my drums is definitely getting way way better than before when i thought i could play drums.

My days have become quite routine... Mondays are Guitar and theory classes.. Tuesdays are Drums then like Wednesday's Friday's and My Weekends are in church and the time in between spending my time recording... and playing around with recording stuff and gear and getting my HW done from my teachers .... as you probably can see i have become a total Music recording Junkie.... its all i think about.. i see recording gear and i melt haha ...but i cant complain life's been not hectic and im much free er and i can learn things at my own pace ( Not much pressure).

Some Musicians Encourage Sleeping with your Gear... creates more creative flow haha.

This is the Tiny part of the GREATER MESS that is my Room..

O Yea I joined a band also haha ... would be giggin around too .... my next Performance at the Laundry at the Curve which im pretty stoked about ... I know this is a long one i have today but... its a pretty fair update/ summary on wats being going with me for the past few month's.. look forward to posting more stuff up in the blog too.. i promise haha.. Bye

An Addition to My Loverly Family

Its finally here.After waiting quite a while for this it finally came. Probably most of you already knew that i recently bought a guitar and I really have to thank God for this blessing.
Well the story was that i actually had been eying on a new guitar as some of you may have seen my previous one.. i was really considering buying a Fender Stratocaster (for all who may not know only the Guitar Geeks its okay) but after one night talking to Kevin he got me thinking, why buy something Mass produced with the same money i can use to buy something Handmade and Custom where quality is Assured and really worth the money.Kevin had one of the guitars made by this Luthier
( instrument maker) and his guitar was amazing, high quality woods and workmanship for such a great price.So after thinking went on with the idea.
So here it is..

Here are some of the Pro Shots before sending the guitar over

Its really worth the buy...

-3A Flamed Maple top
(for those wondering the top of the guitar is really wood grains not just painted on)
-Curly Ash Body
-Ebony Fretboard
-Abalone Fretboard Inlays(those round markers on the neck)
-Custom Handmade Pickups

The story on how i got it was interesting.Well i had been waiting a week for the guitar to arrive after it was done and since Kevins took only 12 hours to deliver i kind of got Scared.Waited on Monday... Tuesday..Wed.. And so on and

I did not want to kacau Kevin about it so i didnt really asked but i had a feeling something was up.So at cell last Friday Kev told me that he was worried that my guitar might be lost in Transit.. felt kind of down but i didnt really let it get to me... after kind of complaining and worrying about it not coming to my Sis and Sarah they just said It will be fine and Sisterly Stuffs... then when i got home my mom was like John go take a shower was weird cause my mom never like pressure me to take showers... so i went up to my room and to my Shock it was right there lying on my bed... reallllly have to give props to them for punking me ...good. But i finally got it so God Bless.Bye

If It took 5 People to eat a Pie, would a Pie Eat 5 men?

Wow its been o so long since i blogged,i have to admit LAZINESS has overcame me.
Exams are getting closer but at least i know i am Studying.. cant manage to Nerdyfy myself enough.Got loads to post mostly food related but more of my o so joyous memories caught on camera.

The Weekend in PD
The Day before Merdeka( strangely it totally did not feel like Merdeka at all),some of the older youths decided to take a little trip down to PD for a BBQ,felt like a kid there.. i was the only Illegal one there( Below 18) but most of the people who went were people whom i grew up with.We decided to head out to PD after church that Sunday.. afternoon and Malaysian habits always makes us head out later then we planned but at least we got there.

Sorry Johny For curinging some of your pictures.. u had some good oness

Wonder wheres the O??

That strangely looks Obscenes but it wasnt so dont worry

Man the Guy in the Flowery shorts is sexy

Purdy isnt it?

Done by MUA.. nt too bad, competing against with some One Academy Students
But pictures speaks louder than words..

Somthing might be in the air in PD but we could stop playing pictionary
( until 4 in the morning).. with the PD air in out lungs... we brought the game bak to my hse as u can see in the following examples..

Moving on ive been really cooking or maybe atempting to fill fill the void and urge to cook but was never really satisfied but at least it was tasty..

Amazingly unhealthy but how couldnt i resist

For anyone wondering that is raw chicken..

After rubbing that chicken i couldnt get the smell of mustard and raw chickennyness out my hands for hours.At least it looks good.

OO i got to so show this.. my sis actually sewed all this by hand, awesome work la for just a couple of day its better than what i see in stores.

Looks like a Crabby Patty doesent it?

Today which is a Saturday is gooing pretty well so far.Collected my report card today.. was actually better than i expected, all my teachers gave good and caring comments... their common comments were:

1.Has improved
2.Working harder
3.Can do it
4.My terribly sticky almost unreadable handwriting (but its still in the works)

I definetly felt i improved but hope i dont loose momentum.O well off to church..

And to wonder why dont i have a girlfriend??